Father’s Day 2019…celebrate everyday

    I know, I know Father’s Day was in June, but you know what, why can’t fathers be recognized more than once a year.  Fathers are just as important as moms and grandparents and aunts and uncles.  All these classes of people should be notarized everyday of the week.  Just as we honor those who serve, congratulate those on their achievements and celebrate the lives that have been lost, we have to remember that the world would not exist if not for evolution.  Children are born into a world with a mom and dad, and their parents are not given an instruction manual for raising them.  They do their best based on what they have learned and been exposed too.  If not for dads providing sperm and women providing a home for them, we would be extinct.  
    I grew up with my dad in my life and I married a man who has been there for day 1 for our children.  If you are a women, and you didn’t have your dad in your life, it affects the choices you make in regards to men.  Woman who did not have a strong male figure or a absent one in their life were more likely to treat men differently and resort to seeking  out a father figure relationship as a mate as means to feel the void.  Princess’s need their dads growing up to be their first loves and the dad has to show her the right way to be treated, while a Prince needs there dad to show him how to be a proper man.

My husband of 20 years and our teens then and now…..and my dad and I now.


     Wouldn’t it be cool if one day, parents were able to get paid a salary for giving the world a purpose?  I can’t understand why we can’t go to school and earn a degree on parenting and get paid after when we become parents….wait , going back to school, scratch that…maybe go to a 4 week course and then we receive our degree of Parenting.  It would surely make it easy on multiple income families knowing that they have income coming in for being parents until their kids turn 19. 
     Thank you to all the dads who are active in their kids lives…you are truly appreciated.
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