31 Day Challenge-Day 8


   Okay, so today marks the 8th day of my challenge and I had to dig deep to find photos of my younger self.  Luckily, my dad had some and I was able to retrieve them…so here it goes.

   So, this is me when I was a baby in 1977 up to 1 years old. My parents had Polaroid cameras and a video camera.  Ain’t I cute? Of course, I could never figure out the expression on my face.  I am not smiling at all except in my baby picture. 


   This was Christmas Day 1979, I got my first Tea Party set.  I think it was a present for my birthday too since it was on the 31st of December. I loved that Tea Party set.


    Teen years, very awkward stage for me…probably for everyone, though.  I had long hair, was very skinny and loved scrunchies!! 


  Graduation Day 1996!! I had my whole family there, it was such a great day for me.  I was so glad school was over.  I didn’t go to college right after to become a teacher which is what I wanted to be but I did attend college later on in life while working a full-time job in 2015 and graduated with a degree in Business Management at 35 years old. 

   And me now….in the present. That’s all I got for you.  Hope you enjoyed going down memory lane with me, don’t forget:

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