New Website Launch!!!

So I want to introduce to you someone who has really been apart of my life since birth and even before this…he had touched my heart deeply. As most of my readers know, my son Devon is on the Autism Spectrum, he was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 3. He did not speak until he was 6 and we thought that he would struggle to make friends but for the last 10 years, he has defy the odds and has shown us he is a SuperHero with graduating with Honors and overcoming so many challenges when it came to his Cognitive disability. He may not have a high IQ but he is just so smart and intelligent in so many areas like technology…Wow!

We were so proud recently when he got accepted into Cullinary school at Travis and he was excited too. Although he had to quit the program because the degree program was too advanced, he didnt give up and now he is striving for a diploma online program in Baking at Escoffier, which is much safer due to Covid and he just started this past Wednesday and he is so Excited!! I have run across a problem with not many scholarships to support his disability so he wanted to do a t-shirt line to pay for his school. He has been so passionate about cooking and these are some of the things he created.

We started this website called:DRIVEN

The meaning behind it says that all children on the Autism Spectrum don’t ever give up and they strive to acheive greatness with determination. My son Devon has proven time and time again that he is an exceptional superhero and can do anything he sets his mind too.

His Website has just Launched and he would love the support!!

Click here to visit store:

Free Shipping!! Use Promo:NewSite

Thank you in advance!!

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