52 Week Blog Challenge- Week 20

My Favorite Movies

In my previous posts, I have talked about my three favorite movies of all time, which are:

These are such classic movies with a little gangsta and a little drama. I think I have seen these almost 100 times. 

For this posts, I want to show you the movies I thought were my favorite for this year 2020.   

The first movie in the comedy department that made me laugh so hard that I cried was:


Stuber-I loved this movie so much!!

Next movie, is in the horror department.  This movie scared me so bad, I wasn’t expecting it.  I usually don’t see remakes of movies but my kids talked me into it so I saw part 1 which was okay but when I saw part 2…I almost peed my pants…


It: Part 2 –So scary on the big screen!! They did a great job with reinventing the clown, although, when I first saw the clown it looked kind of corny but when they added the special effects it was awesome!

Last movie of the year so far is one of drama, not the ones where you cry and get all emotional throughout the whole movie.  This movie had a mystery to it:


Knives Out- This movie was amazing because I love mysteries.  Kept you on the edge of your seat.

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52 Week Blog Challenge- Week 19

My OCD Habits

Right off the top of my head, I can think of alot of things I do out of habit but I will pick the top three for me which affect my everyday life.

#1 Licking my Lips


I have a tick in which I continuously lick my lips.  I don’t know why but it brings me comfort when I am nervous or sometimes when I am thinking about something. 

#2 Everything Has its Place


Just like the picture above, I like things to be put where they belong and not thrown anywhere. It makes me feel unsorted when things are not clean.  Now, that I have stopped working, I am working on this by taking a couple days off housework every Friday and Saturday and making sure I practice letting things go.  it is very hard to watch dishes pile up in the sink and towels run out. 

#3 Grocery Store order on conveyor by department


This picture shown above is chaos to me.  I like my dairy products, produce, meats, frozen, paper goods and canned foods together on belt so that when they are bagged they are easier to put them away once I get home. 

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52 Week Blog Challenge- Week 18

My Embarrassing Stories…….

It took me along time to remember back when I had an embarrassing moment but I was able to pull it out.  When you are embarrassed, you tend to block it out and with old age it gets harder to remember.  

My readers know that I am from Cleveland Ohio and we are famous for some of our amusement parks like Cedar Point, Geauga Lake and Great Wolf Lodge.  Well, for those that lived in what I think was North Olmsted, there was a water park called Dover Lake.                              

Here’s my story…

In 1994, I was working for a company called Marc’s Deeper Discount in Cleveland heights Ohio, and I was there 2 and a half years.  The Ceo of Marc’s who is Marc Glassman, also owned Dover Lake.  The company had their annual employee appreciation day at Dover Lake and I went that year.  So, I bought a two piece swimsuit and flip flops and was excited for the day.  They were famous for the water slides and at the time I wasn’t into those things but I wanted experience it so I waited my turn on this slide….


So, the attendant says when you lay down make sure you cross your arms and keep them crossed all the way until you get to the bottom.  It seemed simple enough until it is your turn and that rush of adrenaline comes over you….I forgot the instructions……got scared


and….of course, landed at the bottom and I had a wardrobe malfunction along with water in the eyes and couldn’t see.  Everyone was screaming, Frieda!! Your boobs are out, your boobs are out!!! Omg, I just died. I was a big C at the age of 17 and it was bigger than the rest of my body.  I wear one pieces from now on. (not me pictured above)

Dover Lake closed in 2006, this is what it looks like now:

2nd embarrassing story:

I worked for a company called Pepsi for 6 years and in 2014, they had what was called Pepsi Sales Training Day and we all got together for a meeting.  Our supervisors decided to get the employees involved in scenarios in selling and because I was on the front line, I had to be one up on stage.  I am so afraid to speak in front of people already and of course my boss/mentor told me to go up and sell something to a pretend customer….

The customer was on the left waiting for me to speak and I just couldn’t get the words right at all.  It was so embarrassing being put on the spot like that and especially when I know how to talk to the customers out on the field one on one. Some years later, I said that I needed to get over this fear so when I created my casual Dinner and Movie Group here in Lakeland, I was able to overcome my fear that first meeting when I had over 20 people that listened to me as the organizer.  I was nervous but here we are 7 months later and the group is doing well.  

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52 Week Blog Challenge-Week 17






What is my biggest Fear?

Well, if you ask me the word fear seems to have a big impact on whether people take things seriously or not.  Fear causes people to procrastinate and not take chances.  Fear is what causes people to take on activities that endanger themselves and others.  Fear will generally suck the life out of anyone who is of free spirit and something bad happens to them.  The question is: How do we stare fear in the face and say “I Got This” “You Don’t Scare Me” 

I actually have over the years and I have decided that I am at a stage in my life where I am just fed up with being scared away from opportunities.  Two years ago, I decided that I wasn’t going to let someone else control my life anymore and I retired- just like that!

Thought I had had everything figured out and then life shows up something you can’t get away from or you just can’t say I don’t want to be a part of it. 

Covid-19 Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

We have been so close so many times to getting the world back on track and this happens….

Right now, we are self-distancing and practicing better hand washing methods.  I am just trying to figure out whether this ever go away.  I know the virus will not completely disappear but the minds of everyone and this pandemic will always be in the back of their minds.  It is bad enough that we have people that choose to separate the races, those that dislike a certain class or people that refuse to practice unity- now we are taking 4 steps backward and we may never recover.

This is my biggest Fear

During this time,  for all those who are on the front lines serving customers everyday including both my sons and my daughter.  Please practice hand washing and stay-home if you can.  

Hand Washing Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

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52 Week Blog Challenge- Week 16

             My Biggest Fashion Accessory

I don’t wear alot of jewelry but what I do wear it has a purpose.  I wear a wedding ring. My ears are pierced once so I wear earrings on both.   

Surprisingly, my biggest fashion accessory that goes with everything is ..


My emergency medical tag stays with me at all times.  Everyone should have one whether they have serious medical conditions or not.  Being able to be identified by a hospital or police is very important.  If you can’t wear it around your neck, always right down a list of medications, allergies and emergency contacts and keep it in your wallet or purse.

Well that’s it.  Check out next weeks post!!

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52 Week Blog Challenge- Week 15


60 minutes in an hour….

24 hours in a day…..

7 days a week……

52 weeks in a year…. and 12 month a year, seems like a lot of time but it is just not enough to get things done.

                   TIME MANAGEMENT

Right now we are in state of hysteria where we deal with what is called COVID-19 aka Corona virus.  All over the world, we are faced with having to quarantine ourselves and keep social distance.  For most of us, our entertainment outside the home has gone away because of the shutting down and closing of many businesses.  We are still able to go thru drive-thru and carry food out.  My family and I love going to the movies but now that they have closed, we found another way to enjoy movies at their finest.

Classic Drive-In Theatre with cars and  neon sign
Classic Drive-In Theatre with cars and neon sign

We have a drive-in theater called Silver Moon who show Retro movies every week to keep with the rules of social distance.  It is so nice to be able to sit in your car, or on a blanket and pig out on your favorite foods and snacks in the privacy of your cars while enjoying movie classics.  In March, we enjoyed Back to the Future, Jaws, E.T and Jurassic Park, so cool!!   As a family, we also love being at home enjoying game night.  I’m not talking about sports but good old-fashioned…..

Board Games!!!


We love playing Pictionary, Scrabble, Guess Who, Battleship, Card Games and many more!!  We also do movie nights at home now that there are Blockbusters straight from theatres in the comfort of your home.  I do miss not being able to go out every Tuesday for my Lakeland Dinner and Movie Group.  

Going out to dinner takes on a new form when you are eating together at home.  My family and I have adapted well with eating at home now that we can all balance our meals and some of us have saved money staying home.  We may not eat at the same time but we get to spend more time together even when they are still working. 

During this time, we must all remember that this is a temporary situation and everything will return to normal soon. 

Everyone remember to wash your hands, stay home if you can and stay positive!!

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Have You Written Your List?

Relationship Goals Clip Art, HD Png Download - kindpng

So Today……Guess What?

IT’S Our 21st Wedding Anniversary Today!


   Thinking over the years, we have come to the realization that everyone is different and nothing will ever change that. People are always going to be Right and Wrong in the things they do or say as an active part of society.  People will always feel Anger and Love towards others who they cross paths with in their lifetime.  What has to be realized and done is that everyone take responsibility for who they are and own up to their differences and improve themselves accordingly. 

   Relationships whether individual, friendship, family, couples can always use improvement.  I have come up with a post that will make people think twice as to how different people can be.  Me and my husband are celebrating 21 years of marriage today and we’ve decided to write a list of the positive and negatives of what we admire and dislike about one another.  We’ve exchanged our list with one another and talked about it and realized things about one another that we have overlooked over the years. 


   Being together for so long and the fights, battles and making a way back to one another has just made us stronger individuals for it.  We are committed to working on our faults individually and spend the rest of our lives appreciating each other’s essence.

April 9, 1999  &  April 9, 2020

   We want to share with you guys our list because we think that it is important to make ourselves vulnerable to compliments as well as criticism.  We are trying to grow in any way possible and we take it one day at a time.

This is Mine for Him….

I Love….

  1. He takes care of his children financially and emotionally.
  2. He makes me laugh and is very charming.
  3. He is a great cook.
  4. He is passionate about being successful and helping his family reach their goals.
  5. He gives me compliments about my looks without asking.
  6. He is very considerate and sweet to senior citizens to others.
  7. He is a lover of all animals.
  8. He is loyal and doesn’t hold grudges.

I Do Not Love…..

  1. When he complains about everything from dawn to dusk.
  2. When he is late for everything that is not important to his interest.
  3. When he ask advice about something and then says you’re wrong just to see what you’ll say.
  4. When he doesn’t have trust in anyone including his family.
  5. When he apologizes for behavior that he repeats over and over with no adjustment.
  6. When he is pessimistic about everything in life, nothing but failure before hope.
  7. When he redirects feelings or experiences one has back on himself to get attention.
  8. When he uses his age as an excuse to prove how much smarter he is.

This is His for Me…..

I Love…..

  1. She is organized and detail- oriented.
  2. She is smart, creative and intelligent.
  3. She is independent.
  4. She is funny and has a good sense of humor.
  5. She is giving and unselfish.
  6. She is not materialistic.
  7. She keeps up her physical appearance.
  8. She keeps the house clean.

I Do Not Love….

  1. She stays mad too long periods of time.
  2. She is too quick to levy punishment on kids.
  3. She is uncompromising when you move furniture or rooms to new planograms.
  4. She drives car brakes and accelerator heavy footed.
  5. She always put more stuff in shopping cart at store that wasn’t on list originally.
  6. She won’t commit to specifically scheduled intimacy dates and times but would rather be spontaneous.
  7. She watches too many shows with real life sadness, unhappiness, and despair.
  8. She doesn’t relish, reminisce, talk about things from our family’s 22 year timeline of fun times and vacations enough…the fun past memories are important to me.

20190210_161648[1]Life is Precious…Live It!!

  Last year, I wrote a post called Marriage and Relationships Are Like Owning a Business and it talked a lot about how every relationship has to be attentive to and like anything when one doesn’t pay attention to the books or communicate, it all goes haywire and it can end.  See link below:

Marriage and Relationships-February 14, 2019

   If I had any advice to give to people getting married or are looking for one thing to remember throughout their adventure together is:

“Prepare for the fight of your life.  You will have blessings and challenges, look at one another and always remember the first time you fell in love”.

Okay so, that’s it!!

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52 Week Blog Challenge- Week 14

My Favorite Book……..

  Not many people know this about me but I love murder mysteries!!  I am a big fan of reading about murders, watching shows about murders and being apart of even fake murder mysteries.  I have never been on a murder mystery weekend but someday I hope too.  Some of the murder shows you see on television already let you see who the killer is and they spend the hour figuring out why they did it like Columbo, Monk and even Law and Order sometimes.  I would rather try and figure out who did it like on Scooby-Doo, CSI and other crime shows like on Lifetime.  


Somy favorite book as a child was Poky Little Puppy but as an adult it was a book I read a year ago called “What Happened to Flynn” by Pat Muir

This book was about a missing man named Flynn who the cops could not find a body for and they enlisted the help of an African-American detective who worked day after day to try and solve the case.  This book was definitely a page turner and one of the greatest mysteries I’ve read so far.  You can purchase this book on Amazon.

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52 Week Blog Challenge- Week 13

My favorite month of the year….

D  E  C  E  M  B  E  R !!!!!!!!!

of course.

I love December so much.  It is the last month of the year and there are just so many things to celebrate in December. 

Well, my oldest son Jr.s, who is now 21, his birthday is December 5th.

and then we countdown the days till Christmas…which is my favorite holiday!! I love to decorate the tree and all the Christmas songs playing in the stores and getting together with family and friends.

and last but not least…..

My birthday, of course, on December 31st!!  

That’s it!!

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52 Week Blog Challenge- Week 12

Social Media Phenomenon

Social media has changed alot over the years and I have had my fair share of experiences on the internet.  I didn’t grow up in the internet age so for me I had to pick and choose where I interacted with people.  It is just so difficult to keep things private these days and social media really makes it hard to do that.  When I started using social media, it began with Facebook in 2010 and it was so surprising to me how people can upload pictures and find friends and family members to connect to.  I was able to connect to some family members and friends that any other way wouldn’t have happened.  This was a great thing for me.  Through Facebook, I found out about Instagram, which was a little different but the same concept.  I like being able to share my life with friends and  family but the fact is is that the people you connect with don’t always follow you and while you follow them. Twitter came next and I have to say that is my favorite because it is simple and you don’t have to spend alot of time on it.  I use it to promote my blog and find others to follow.

Now that the platforms have gotten bigger, there is more unwanted ads, people like to bash others or stalk people and it is not family friendly anymore.  I don’t get on it very often unless I am posting something about my children or on instagram about my blog.  Too much anxiety involved.

My children on the other hand use other ways to socialize on the internet.  They use videos and snaps, which is beyond my understanding. 

The way I see it, social media in the next 10 years will become obsolete and people will go back to the old-fashioned way of communication-picking up the phone and calling people.  Or making an attempt to travel to where their family and friends are.

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