Black History Legends……Day 28

Richard Overton (May 11, 1906-December 27, 2018) Oldest living African-American man and World War 2 Veteran Technician fifth grade rank and stationed at unit 1887th Engineer Aviation Battalion Born in Bastrop County, Texas.  He received many awards and honors for his years of service between 1940-1945.  Combat Infantryman Badge  Meritorious Unit Commendation  U.S. Army … Continue reading Black History Legends……Day 28

Black History Legends….Day 27

Sarah Boone (February 1932-1904) Pictured above: The inventor of  a revolutionary item that we use on  daily basis to help keep our clothes on straight.  Introducing..... Pictured above: The Iron Board reinvented in 1887 by Sarah Boone and  U.S. patented in April 1892. Pictured above: First iron and Iron board prototypes.  Since the first one was introduced … Continue reading Black History Legends….Day 27

Black History Legends….Day 26

"Something Good" (movie) Cinema 1898 (29 seconds long) The First Negro Kiss on film. Pictured above: A movie called "Something Good" featuring actors Saint Suttle and Gertie Brown from Chicago. Listed below are movies that introduced African-Americans in the early 1900's. A Fool and His Money 1912 Railroad Porter 1913 Lime Kiln Club Field … Continue reading Black History Legends….Day 26

Black History in the Making….Day 25

Tia Norfleet (May 1, 1986- NASCAR's first African-American professional women driver from Norfolk, Virginia. Pictured above: Tia Norfleet, the first African-American licensed race car driver. Pictured above: Tia and her famous dad, Bobby Norfleet, who's retired now, taught her everything she knows.  He has raced motorcycles, drag cars and stock cars. Pictured above: Bobby Norfleet and Tia … Continue reading Black History in the Making….Day 25

Black History in the Making….Day 24

(November 7, 1950- Pictured above: She was the born in Lansing, Michigan to parents Golden and Clinton Canady along with her younger brother.  Her mother was and educator and her father was a dentist.  Pictured above: Alexa Canady was inducted into the Michigan Women's Hall of Fame in 1989. Pictured above: She was named Teacher of the Year … Continue reading Black History in the Making….Day 24

Black History Legends…..Day 23

Richard Theodore Greener (January 30, 1844-May 2, 1922) Pictured above: He was the first African-American graduate of Harvard College (Harvard University School of Law in 1907.  He received his Bachelor's degree in 1870.   Pictured above: Harvard College founded in 1817 and located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Pictured above: The first degree issued to an African-American in the late … Continue reading Black History Legends…..Day 23

Black History Legends….Day 22

Lonnie Johnson (October 6, 1949- Pictured above: Lonnie Johnson-The creator of one of the most fun things to play with in the summertime to cool-off....introducing... Super Soaker!!!  Greatest toy invented by Johnson that shoots water for fun and play!!   Pictured above: His ideal for the Super Soaker originated in the U.S. Air Force.  The Super Soaker … Continue reading Black History Legends….Day 22

Black History Legends….Day 21

"I'd rather make 700$ a week playing a maid, then 7$ a week being a maid." Hattie D. Hattie McDaniel  (June 10, 1895- October 26, 1952) Pictured above: Hattie McDaniel well-known as being the fist African-American to win an Academy Award/Oscar for her role in "Gone With The Wind" alongside side her co-stars Vivian Leigh and … Continue reading Black History Legends….Day 21

Black History in the Making….Day 19

  "Style should not be sacrificed for comfort!" J.K.D Jazmine Kionna Davis Click above to visit her website    Jazmine K. Davis founder and first black scientist to create a designer high-heel shoe with insoles for comfort.  She, from a very young age,  was an orphan and attended Virginia Commonwealth University.  When she graduated, she … Continue reading Black History in the Making….Day 19