Cool website for classic movie and T.v. show watching….

      I found this website you should check out called Tubi. It is an application that plays all the classic movies and television shows you may remember from long ago. They have over 20 categories!  It is available in Play store.  Download it today!!

I just watched these the other day which brought back alot of memories….

Prom Night-  1980

Prom Night II-1987

Back To School-1986

and more movies along with great t.v. shows…Tubi

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Recommended movie for tears….to my younger brothers and sister❤❤❤

  Me and the hubby saw this movie the other day and it brought me to tears and made me laugh at the same time… is so close to my heart. I have been blessed to have and love my brothers and sister who have been a major part of our lives for many years in growing up with my children and I can’t imagine our lives without them. Love big sis❤❤❤

Cobb theatre