Goal Acheived!!

I’ve finally done it everyone…. Words..became sentences…Sentences…became paragraphs…. Paragraphs… became pages and Pages became a book 📖 ……..And Just like that, I became an Author!! MY BOOK LAUNCHED YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited about this because it has been something I have always wanted to do and just couldn’t find either the time or evenContinue reading “Goal Acheived!!”

52 Week Blog Challenge-Week 52

My New Years Goals So, basically 2020 has really been bad for so many people. Covid has taken over and the uncertainty of the world in the next year causes people to not want to plan for it. Holidays haven’t been the same distancing of families and it is just not fair. While I amContinue reading “52 Week Blog Challenge-Week 52”

52 Week Blog Challenge-Week 51

One Hobby I Would Like to Start This computer is one of the first computers made. When I was introduced into technology, my dad was a programmer for a major software development company. He showed me and my sister a computer similiar to this and this is where I became very interested in what computersContinue reading “52 Week Blog Challenge-Week 51”

52 Week Blog Challenge-Week 50

What Makes Me Laugh Laughter is the best medicine🤣 1. Babies laughs make me automatically crack up. 2. Children who do the funniest things.👇 Down below is my daughter at 3 years old getting ready for a day of shopping. She is mimicking how her mom(me) gets ready to go out. 3. Comedians in moviesContinue reading “52 Week Blog Challenge-Week 50”

52 Week Blog Challenge-Week 49

My Greatest Weakness Going back to the job interview, what is your strengths and weaknesses? Weaknesses tend to apply to what you think you lack that would be good to improve on. But in general, this is about who you are as a person and what you could do to make changes. 1. Okay so,Continue reading “52 Week Blog Challenge-Week 49”

52 Week Blog Challenge-Week 47

The Most Beautiful Places I’ve Been 1. Cancun, Mexico I visited here in 2004, I believe. My husband won this trip from his career as a cellphone salesman. This was back when cellphones had just got started. He was one of the top saleman so he got to go with a group of collegues andContinue reading “52 Week Blog Challenge-Week 47”

52 Week Blog Challenge-Week 48

My Greatest Strengths You know on a job interview they ask what is your strengths and weakneses, and you state how you are on the job, I think they are looking to find out who you are as a person. 1. Being able to stay organized and consistent in life isn’t easy. Many people struggleContinue reading “52 Week Blog Challenge-Week 48”

52 Week Blog Challenge-Week 46

A Person that Inspires Me Young Kids Most people wouldn’t say that children inspire them but I am not one of them. Ever since I became a mother and raised three of my own, I learned a lot from my kids. They are mini adults with opinions and feelings and because they are young someContinue reading “52 Week Blog Challenge-Week 46”

New Website Launch!!!

So I want to introduce to you someone who has really been apart of my life since birth and even before this…he had touched my heart deeply. As most of my readers know, my son Devon is on the Autism Spectrum, he was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 3. He did not speakContinue reading “New Website Launch!!!”

52 Week Blog Challenge-Week 45

What I Do To Recharge? 1. Sleeping I try to take naps now during the day to let my body rest. Since being retired, I have a lot more time on my hands so I can schedule time to relax. Sleep is a very important element in staying healthy and no one should be ashamedContinue reading “52 Week Blog Challenge-Week 45”


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