52 Week Blog Challenge- Week 11

Home is always where my heart is,

Music is the key to my peace and serenity,

My Heart always grows with love and compassion

I have always loved music of all kinds from classical, to jazz, rhythm and blues, country, pop and rock n roll.  Music has changed alot over the decades and the way they create it has been a little frustrating to me and everyone who appreciates music that has real meaning can enjoy it better.  I love music from long ago to this day because they talked about how they felt without hurting someone or victimizing any group of people.  For some reason, music has become an outlet for people to be disrespectful to women or men or have negative attitudes about the world causing a riot.  I don’t listen to rap and songs that suggest sexual acts at young ages.  Children have access to these songs and they are under the impression they can be millionaires and can grow up and be like them.  What has happened to music?


The Music of My Heart is……


My favorite bands are Journey, Foreigner, Led Zeppelin, Styx and Pink Floyd. I don’t like punk rock or very very hard rock….it just doesn’t make sense to me.  These bands were around during the 60’s and 70’s…they are so soothing to me.  I have always thought that I was belonged in an earlier decade like the 50’s. I love the music of the sock hops and the drive up tray orders to your cars restaurants.  I know what you’re thinking but I see the world differently with inclusion.

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52 Week Blog Challenge- Week 10

People dream of one day having everything in their life be taken care of….I don’t.  For some reason, I am content with the simple life and I think when we try to aspire for things we are not suppose to have it makes our lives more difficult.  Money, for example, I am not going to say that having it is overrated or there is no need for it, there is, but it seems to make people either generous or go out of their minds.  Long ago, people used to buy small houses and work their way up….

Now we buy the big house and go up from there.  Why does everything have to start at the extreme and then go down because of debt.  Having money doesn’t buy happiness so for me I would not want to have alot of it, but if I did, this is how I would handle it…..



I worked many years and maintained a great credit score in order to buy my first home for my husband and kids.  We purchased in 2015 and it was one of the proudest moments of my life.  My children were so happy and my husband loved the neighborhood.

Next thing I would do….


My kids are now grown up and are in college or about to attend college, so I am making sure that they start there adult lives with no debt.  Seed money to begin there adult lives on their own.  We are so proud of our children and how much they have accomplished. 

Next thing we all will do is…..Text_Over_Photo1583356329188[1]

I would love to take a 2-week vacation with the family All-Inclusive to an island.  We all would love to be pampered for awhile.  

Next on my list……naturally


My parents brought me into the world and I love them dearly so I will always make sure they are comfortable. 

Next on my list, very dear to my heart….


My best friend in the world would never want for anything.  She and I are alot alike in this world where everything in our life has always been about taking care of everyone else and making sure they are okay.  We neglect to take care of ourselves and now that we are older we are looking to the future of seeing the world together and retiring in style with no regrets.

Next on my list…..


Me and my husband would love to buy a house and live in a small town.  For some reason, having a relationship with people you are on a first name basis with feels comforting.  I know that when you are in a small town people are in your business but you know what, if you don’t want them to know something don’t speak on it.  We love the outdoors and the place we pick, we would like to have almost no snow and comfortable temperatures like Florida in the Winter.

Last on my wish list…..


I realized in the last couple months that I enjoy being served dinner and being in a setting with a groups of friends.  I started a group in my city called the Lakeland Dinner and Movie Group where my neighbors of Lakeland get together every Tuesday night to enjoy dinner or a movie.  Everyone has been so supportive since October 2019 and our group is growing strong.  We are 240 members and counting.  

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52 Week Blog Challenge- Week 9

My Biggest Pet Peeve………..

So many things in life will make people upset and bother them alot.  It is hard to pick just one things that really ticks a person off.  As I have gotten older, I realized that the things that used to bother me, don’ t piss me off as much anymore.  Although, there are times when I am in a bad mood or anyone for that matter, can over exaggerate what makes them angry.  These days because of my anxiety, I can’t be really bothered by too much.  I have learned and have taught others to relax and not be bothered by things they can’t change.  

Getting back to what is my biggest pet peeve, it is definitely something I have the power to change.  


I meet all kinds of people in my everyday life.  Most of the time it is at grocery stores, schools or sports events and I am not too bothered by them.  I guess what has really bothered me recently is when people get together and just talk about all the bad things going on in the world. It happens even in my house-I have to say “I don’t want to hear it.”  It is like a contagion with social media, news reports and yahoo news that pops up on cell phones and computers that keeps people informed of only the bad things going on in the world.  They go from weather conditions in different parts of the world to what the president is doing or not doing.  

I have never been big on politics and things that can’t be changed so I try to stay away from those kind of discussions.  As much as I try to, I go to restaurants, especially Denny’s, and all the televisions have bad news from all over the world.


Over time, we have gotten worse with the news and violence and it has put everyone in a panic.  I may not be able to change the news, but I can change where my mind takes me mentally.

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52 Week Blog Challenge- Week 8

An Unforgettable Day in My Life…….

As you get older, different things will matter to you or not matter depending on the day of the week or year it is happening.  The greatest celebration in most people lives is the day they were born.  Some people get together with friends and family, some have parties, some spend time alone or some do nothing because they don’t care.  I, on the other hand, love birthdays!! I love celebrating and telling people “happy birthday”


A couple years ago, I turned 40 years old and it had been a milestone for me.  I had accomplished so much in the first 40 years of my life from graduating high school, getting my first full-time job, getting married, having 3 children and earning a college degree.  I wanted to celebrate my big 40 better than any other birthday.  My birthday falls on New Years Eve and while that sounds like a great celebration but for me, it has always fell during a time where friends are rare and family is scarce.  I got Christmas and birthday presents together.  No parties or big celebration just the ball drop at midnight.  I did get a chance to go to New York with my daughter a couple weeks before my birthday and it was so fun. 

So this is what I looked like for my 40 years young birthday……


Later that night, I was looking forward to going out but that didn’t happen.  My birthday, of course, was on a Sunday and it was football season!! So, you can guess where this is going.  My husband’s team was playing that evening and my kids were working.  I spent my birthday with no friends, no family and to make it worse when the games ended at 11 pm, I was taken to “Hooters” of all places for bad drinks and no food! 


By the way, I do not like going to restaurants where “someone’s daughter, sister, mother” is wearing basically underwear!!  Never could understand why it is okay for establishments allow that much skin to be exposed when serving food or drinks…so unsanitary.  You can’t imagine what came next……


That Sunday night through Monday night, I couldn’t eat or sleep at all.  I had this picture in my mind how I would’ve celebrated my 40th and I guess I didn’t take in account that everyone else has plans and my birthday is not in the center of everyone’s life.  It was more important to me than it was to anyone else.  So, I realized after that birthday, I wouldn’t make a big deal out of it. I still take a photo on my birthday and still try to go out to dinner with my family.  If we don’t, it’s no big deal.

Me at 41 and 42… I spent my birthday the past year with family and friends going out to dinner and was very happy.  

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52 Week Blog Challenge- Week 7

My Childhood Memories……..

When I think back to my childhood, I can remember that there were no cell phones and social media which is now the babysitter for almost every child and adult in life.  We have gotten to the point where we wake up and first thing we think of is picking up our cellphone…right? Everything is all about technology which is a leading cause of some of the anxieties and stress in the world. Let me take you back to when times were simple.

Classic Drive-In Theatre with cars and  neon sign

When I was a kid, me and my family used to go to a Drive-In movie on the weekends and on our way there we used to pick up our favorites McDonald’s or what we in Cleveland like to call the best barbecue polish boys in town .

When I was a kid, I loved watching the classic cartoons like Tom and Jerry, Bugs Bunny.  I also loved Scooby Doo and the Jetsons.  When my dad would work the afternoon shift, right before he would leave we would watch The Flintstones, which was my favorite.  For some reason, I can’t get into the new cartoons…too high tech and unrealistic.  


I used to watch 70’s and 80’s television shows with my sister during the summer and some of our favorites were…

another one of our favorites was watching one particular game show and some 80’s music videos on……


In the 80’s, I was introduced to computers and because my dad was a programmer, I learned alot about using one and learning how to play games on them with what was called floppy discs.  He was able to create once his own questions and answers to one popular game called Jeopardy….which was so much fun!!

My childhood memories in the 80’s and 90’s never included cellphones and social media just bikes and boom boxes.  What if we all woke up one day and you had no cell phone, no beeper, no video game consoles, no social media, no Blu-ray, no high tech televisions, no dish, no Bluetooth, no laptops, no tablets and most importantly Alexa….what would you do?

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52 Week Blog Challenge-Week 6

I will be 52 in 10 years…hard to believe.  I woke up one day and my angels were grown up and going on their first dates and picking out colleges to attend.  If you are like me, you wish that time wouldn’t be a factor in living.  We all have one life to live and I realized this New Year that I am not wasting a single moment being unhappy or mad at the world.  We have plenty to be thankful for in the world and if we just took the time to stop and essentially “Smell the Roses”as they say, we would realize how great life can be.  Everyday, you turn on your television, phone, computer or radio and hear about all the bad stuff happening in the world, I wish they would bring back those happier times we had long ago and then we all could appreciate life more.  My New Years resolution this year:

Be Positive!

So what will I be doing 10 years from now…


I will definitely be traveling by plane, buses, trains or even cruises. I love to see other places and just the excitement of being on vacation. 


I love to write so my blog will still be outlet to express myself to the world.  I write only once a week but I like telling my story.  I am working on becoming an author so it is a work in progress. Stay tuned.



My angels from the beginning to now…..I want to see them be married, have a career and have a family of their own because I do want to be a….

Grandma!! I love babies and kids so much and my children were such a joy to bring into this world.  So so proud of all of them.

I would really appreciate it if technology and fashion went back to old days when everything was personal.  These days we have lost the act of communication and have decided that everyone has to expose themselves or use fake pictures to make a statement.  We are already starting to see clothes that are ripped up and bell bottomed, why not add everyone standing in line for concert tickets.  Its all about the adventure. Let’s go back to face to face and meeting people. 


Praying on this right now.  Will the world finally see the light behind all the darkness? Will everyone start to appreciate what they have and smile everyday?  Maybe? Maybe not? Do you think that it is possible to have the “Truman Show” all over again without the violence in the world?  I wish for good health for my family and friends in 10 years and the many blessings along the way.

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52 Week Blog Challenge-Week 5

One of my favorite topic….Holidays!!  

My Favorite Holiday is…..


You guessed it… Christmas!!  I love this holiday because I am always feeling happy with music of the holiday season…


Songs like “Jingle Bells”, “Let It Snow” and “12 Days of Christmas”.

I also love the decorating of the tree while spending time with my family and eating great food….


All the beautiful colors and angel on top, not forgetting all the wonderful gifts and cards from loved ones and friends….


Last but not least, most of you all know but my birthday is New Years Eve so I get a chance to celebrate my birthday during the happiest time of the season…I turned 42 in 2019 and am still on fire.

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52 Week Blog Challenge-Week 4

So many times people ask you if you could travel anywhere, where would you go?  For me, traveling means adventure and exploring new things.  I would love to travel to places but because of resources, most of us can’t live out their own dreams.  If I had to pick places to visit this would be the journey I would take….

5 Places I would like to visit

  1. Statue of Liberty- Text_Over_Photo1579993430131[1]

I have been to New York twice for short times and I am still in disbelief that I have not visited the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.  I would love to spend a week in the summer in New York one day and see everything there is to see in New York. 

2. Underwater Adventure-Text_Over_Photo1579993081864[1]

I love all animals on land and water.  I love water but have a fear of swimming and would love to go underwater and experience the wonders of sea creatures.  Mind you, I would stay away from the dangerous ones, but I would like to be one with what God has created.  I have always loved Spongebob Squarepants cartoon and Finding Nemo. My favorite sea creature is the sea turtle, “ToTalllyyy”

3. History in Washington-Text_Over_Photo1579993371201[1]

When you are a kid, most schools take trips to see where history has been made.  Unfortunately, my schools didn’t do these kind of field trips.  I would love to visit the White House and all the other historic buildings in the history books. 

4. In Space-Text_Over_Photo1579993296102[1]

I am a Trekkie.  Yes, I love sci-fi.  I love anything that has to do with outer space.  As a kid, I would love the field trips to the planetarium, although that is not the same as being there. I would like to go to space one day and see what all the fuss is about.   I look out my window in back patio and look in the sky and admire it with all the stars and constellations.

5. Back In Time-Text_Over_Photo1579993198675[1]

For as long as I can remember, I have always felt like I belonged in a different time.  I am what you call an Old Soul.  I have always appreciated the simple and classic things in life.  I love classic cars like Buick’s and Cadillac’s.  I enjoy music that has meaning and expression, not what is written today to put people down and disrespect women and men.  I know that the 60’s wasn’t as friendly with certain ethnicity and cultures but it seems to me that today doesn’t seem to be any different. I am all about love and keeping the peace, I want to travel back in time just like Back to the Future.

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52 Week Blog Challenge- Week 3

Meet my Family


This is my family of 5. From right to left: (Picture taken New Years Eve 2019 to celebrate my 42nd birthday)

My husband Brian, 54, of 21 years. We have 3 beautiful children Brian Jr, who is 21 years old and attends college while pursing a career in Computer Science and works full-time. My youngest son Devon, who is 19 years and is on the Autism Spectrum. He is currently on his last year of high school and will be graduating with honors in 2020 and will be pursing a career in Culinary Arts in the fall. My daughter Briana, she is 16 and a straight A softball student. She just got her drivers license, will be graduating 2021 and pursuing a career in Marine Biology. We all live in sunny Florida and loving every minute of it.


Those are the love of my life and my whole world.

For 20 years, our family has had a tradition of taking our family photos from the moment my oldest was born to now.

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52 Week Blog Challenge-Week 2

Staying up late,

Eating cookies and cakes

with frosting and sprinkles all over

Not getting up early,

with my hair not so curly


I am flying high,

like a bird in flight


Going all over the map,

meeting new people and making memories 


Playing card games and sharing meals,

making memories everyday 


These are a few of my favorite things….  The End.

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