52 Week Blog Challenge-Week 6

I will be 52 in 10 years...hard to believe. I woke up one day and my angels were grown up and going on their first dates and picking out colleges to attend. If you are like me, you wish that time wouldn't be a factor in living. We all have one life to live and … Continue reading 52 Week Blog Challenge-Week 6

Recommended movie….this month 2019

  My family and I saw this and we loved it!! If you have not seen 1-3 yet...you will love these characters.  From the beginning, these characters have been going on wonderful adventures together and have made us laugh for decades now.  They created Toy Story 4 after waiting 9 years.  Here is the trailer. https://youtu.be/wmiIUN-7qhEContinue reading Recommended movie….this month 2019