The Blogger Bookstore-Day 62

It is Week 9…..Introducing our next author of the Wizardly World…… Available on Amazon Kindle Unlimited and Paperback click here: Quicksilver and Brimstone: The Crucible of the Crimson Lion Book 1 Follow Elizabeth Eckstein via social media below: Amazon Author Page Wix Site Blog Author Page If you would like to be featured on theContinue reading “The Blogger Bookstore-Day 62”

The Blogger Bookstore-Day 61

It is Week 9……Introducing our next Author…. Available for Download on GoodNovel click here: The Assasins Mate Follow Heather Linton via social media below: Discord “For all my #author and #writer friends. There’s a discord server set up to #makeconnections with other writers, get help with #brainstorming, #editing, you name it. Give it a lookContinue reading “The Blogger Bookstore-Day 61”

The Blogger Bookstore-Day 60

It is week 9, our next author is 35 books 📚 and counting…..Introducing…. Available on Amazon Kindle Unlimited and Paperback click here:Call Me Dragon:Dragon Fires Rising Book 1 Pre-order on Kindle Unlimited click here: I Am Dragon: Dragon Fire Rising Book 2 Book Release MARCH 14, 2021!!!!!!!!! Pre-order on Kindle Unlimited click here: A FledglingContinue reading “The Blogger Bookstore-Day 60”

The Blogger Bookstore-Day 59

It is Week 9 and get ready to have your breath taken away by this author….Introducing… Available on Amazon Kindle and Paperback click here: Curse Fell Book 1 Available on Amazon Kindle and Paperback click here: The MarkSmith If you would like to follow C.V. Dreesman via social media click below: Amazon Author Page TwitterContinue reading “The Blogger Bookstore-Day 59”

The Blogger Bookstore-Day 58

It is Week 9 and our next feature is a UK Best-Selling author of 21 books, who would probably be great with cases on Law and Order…just saying. Introducing…. Available on Amazon Paperback click here: Unknown Origin Available on Amazon Paperback click here: Alien Network Available on Amazon Paperback click here: Final Contact If youContinue reading “The Blogger Bookstore-Day 58”

The Blogger Bookstore-Day 57

It is the start of Week 9 and in our next feature, she is aspiring to become an author one day. She is currently writing her first book…..Introducing…. Follow Maria Sebastian on social media and her journey to writing her first book click below: Twitter Her Journey and Blog Instagram If you would like toContinue reading “The Blogger Bookstore-Day 57”

The Blogger Bookstore-Day 56

It is the end of Week 8. Our next feature has style as a fashion designer, loves music and traveling like I do, and can write about almost everything….Introducing …. Available on Amazon Kindle and Paperback click here: A Promise Renewed Available on Kindle and Paperback click here: Rules of Engagement and Prejudice Available onContinue reading “The Blogger Bookstore-Day 56”

The Blogger Bookstore-Day 55

It is Week 8 and our next author’s favorite holiday is Halloween 🎃….Introducing our next author…. Available on ebook for Kindle, Nook, Bookmate, Booktopia,, Kobo, iTunes, and the Apple Books app Available in Paperback online on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Booktopia,, Books A Million, Books Inc, and Tattered Cover Available in Hardcover online on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Booktopia, Books A Million,, Books Inc, and Tattered Cover Click here to order: Eric Balch Books 📚 If you wouldContinue reading “The Blogger Bookstore-Day 55”

The Blogger Bookstore-Day 54

It is Week 8 and our next author is a TV executive and English teacher from London England….Introducing… Avilable on Amazon Kindle and Paperback click here: Nevada Noir If you would like David Arrowsmith, follow via social media below: Amazon Author Page Facebook Author Page Twitter Instagram Goodreads If you would like to beContinue reading “The Blogger Bookstore-Day 54”

The Blogger Bookstore-Day 53

It is Week 8, our next feature is a publishing service who also highly recommends great authors. This blog feature will include both the Publishing Company and the author….Introducing… To Visit Bajek Publisher Services website click Here Click to connect to Bajek Publisher Services on Twitter This is a post from Twitter where they recommendedContinue reading “The Blogger Bookstore-Day 53”


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