52 Week Blog Challenge-Week 42

My Favorite Tv Shows

1. Inspirational television- I watch Joyce Meyer Monday-Friday to keep me motivated and inspired throughout my week.

2. I enjoy watching for fun House Hunters. Whether I am in a house hunt or not, it is cool to see so many families and couples finding a vacation or their forever home.

3. I a big fan of food and because my son is studying to be a chef, I am so fascinated with new recipes and tasting new things. I watch Guy Fieri on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and Guys Grocery Games along with the show Carnival Eats and Man versus Food.

4. Comedy Shows are always great for pick me ups. Laughter is the best medicine in life so I watch comedian sets on TuBi or comedy central.

5. Last but not least my reality and drama inspired shows. I know most of them are scripted but it awesome entertainment. I am currently watching 90 day fiance. I am anxiously waiting for the fall lineup since football has started at my house. The men love 🏈🏀🏒⚾️football, basketball, hockey and baseball. Dont get me wrong, I dont dislike sports, I watch baseball and hockey and love playing basketball. I never been really big on football for some reason. I take this time and watch Tyler Perrys Sistas and The Oval, along with Real Housewives of Atlanta.

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52 Week Blog Challenge-Week 41

My Biggest Accomplishments

When I think of accomplishments in my life I can remember alot of things that I have done in my life but if I had to break it down to my best things, they are as follows:

I turned 20 and started my journey into motherhood❤❤❤ 3 beautiful children who are now 22, 20 and 17.

Next on my list and I did a challenge on this last year for the 31 days: Click below to read :

My Most Proud Moment

Second on my list-“I Bought a House!!” I worked very hard for 5 years with endless days of no sleep and thinking about nothing but making sure my family was happy and my kids grew up in a great city.

I got a college degree!!📚 I worked my full time job for 5 years and during this I obtained my degree in Business Management in 2015. I went and got a tattoo on my arm the same day I graduated.

Last but not least becoming a successful adult. Not alot of people can say that they have been able to go through life challenges and say that they are able to be a functioning adult and to top it off take care of other human beings.

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52 Week Blog Challenge-Week 40

Ten Things on My Bucket List

I did a challenge last year called the 31 day challenge where I answered 31 questions for 31 days straight and one of them was about my bucket list. Check out the link to read my list:

Top Things on My List

One of the things on my list, I did get to do halfway which was travel to one of destinations I wanted to see which was Puerto Rico. I got to go last year with 8 wonderful women and had a great time!!❤ Check out my fabulous trip to Puerto Rico by clicking link below:

My Trip To Puerto Rico

Hope you enjoy reading my blog posts!!

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52 Week Blog Challenge-Week 39

What I Miss About My Childhood?

Looking back at my childhood, all I could think about was trying to make the most of my days by having fun. Long ago, when I was growing up, we didnt have technology to keep us company like kids now. We relied on imagination and being creative with out time. We could go hours until the street light went on. Playing outside all day meant hitting the ground alot!

First thing I miss is getting bruised up all the time and healing up quickly. Now that I am almost 43, a bruise comes out of nowhere and can take a long time to heal while causing alarm to bones and joints.

Second thing I miss is being able to get taller and just grow….if you are my age you know what I mean. It seems like you are short as a child and grow up while as you get older you shrink down and have to buy wider shoes because your feet become uncomfortable because of gravity.

Third thing I miss is being able to jumprope and go bicycling. With my arthiritis and back issues, I cant do these things anymore without breaking something. I do want to get back on a bike again-maybe get a 2 seater so I can have someone else ride it while I coast. I live in Florida and can do it all year.

Anyone remember Red Light Green Light?☺I miss being able to play in the street without getting hit. Now it is so dangerous now.

Fourth thing I miss is “No Adult Responsiblity!!” No Bills and No Working. We had so much to look forward to as children and we had no ideal what we were going to be up against as adults.

As you go through my list of things think back to your childhood and see if there is anything you may have missed during yours. I wish I knew then what I know now…go figure.

Thats all for this week and tune in week 40!!

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52 Week Blog Challenge-Week 38

My Biggest Celebrity Crush

So I did this topic in my 31 Day Challenge and if you would like to read my blog post click here:Celebrity Crush

I decided to take a different approach to this blog post and I thought about changing this to….

A Celebrity I Admire

The celebrity I admire has been going since 1990 and even before doing broadway plays. His work ethic is one of hard work and most importantly being disciplined…which means knowing your lines and practice, practice, practice. He is well-known for doing many movies as well as television appearances. He is one of the most successful African American actors in Hollywood….

Can you guess who?

Samuel L. Jackson

He is now 71 years old. He has done over 142 appearances in plays, films, documentaries, animated cartoons with voice overs since 1970. He has worked with many directors and actors over the years. In the 1980’s-present, he has worked with actors such as Ashley Judd, John Travolta, Julianne Moore, Tommy Lee Jones, Dwayne Johnson, Bruce Willis in (Die Hard, Unbreakable)

Robert Downey Jr. ( Iron Man, Avengers) Pam Grier and Richard Roundtree.

Avengers, Iron Man and Captain America
Jackie Brown

Directors he has worked with are Spike Lee, Martin Scorsese, Quentin Tarantino, John Singleton, George Lucas

Spike Lee (Jungle Fever, Do the Right Thing, School Daze)
George Lucas (Episode I: The Phantom Menace, Episode II: Attack of the Clones and Episode III: Revenge of the Sith)
Martin Scorsese (Goodfellas)
Quentin Tarantino (Pulp Fiction, Inglorious Bastards, Jackie Brown, Django)
John Singleton (Shaft)

These are just some of the classic movies he starred in. He is also a spokesperson for Capital One.

There is nothing he cant do. His mentor is the respected Morgan Freeman, who is a legend in his own right. He has a come along way from personal struggles in the 90’s to being an expected actor to appear in every movie. I am sure I am not the only one who looks forward to seeing Samuel L Jackson’s name on a movie…right? He was given the honor of receiving a Hollywood star in June 2000.

I cant wait to see what he does next. Actually with everything going on right now, it is a good time for him to rest and stay healthy and spend time with family. When everything gets back to semi-normal, you will see him again.☺

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for week 39!!

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52 Week Blog Challenge-Week 37

What’s Always In My Grocery Cart?

Alrighty….who is hungry?

I literally get hungry everytime I talk about going to the grocery store. It is a good thing that I shop online instead of in-person….I would go there hungry all the time. Eat before you shop…you will save money! Right now since the pandemic, we as a family are shopping online and picking up our groceries. The only time we go in is when we really need something they say is out and we have to get something else.

So what’s always in our grocery cart…

Honey bread and hamburger buns
Deli Meats
Toilet Paper

These are essential items everytime we shop. The convenience of Walmart grocery pickup is cool with some cons but overall much easier than getting out the car, putting mask on, shop, stand 6 feet away and checkout. Less choatic. If you want to try it out go to Walmart Grocery or download the app. When you go to the app. it gives you a lot of locations in your area to choose and various times for pickup.

Well, that’s it!! I am going to get something to eat right now!! Happy Shopping😁Stay tuned for week 38 next week!!

Stay healthy and safe everyone, we will get through this💜

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52 Week Blog Challenge-Week 36

Let Me Brag A Minute!!

So…yes…anyone who knows me, my kids are my whole world and I take every opportunity to brag about them. I am so proud that they have grown up to be such great people, even though there times I want to scream at them. They are human. They aren’t perfect. They are the light of my life. These are my kids at their different stages:

From babies, to preteen, to teens and now adolescent. My oldest son Brian is now 21, and he is working and going to school Full-time. He is studying Coding and Programming for video games and software development at Full Sail University Technology is growing and expanding and he has a potential of making six figures in the future. My youngest son Devon, 19, graduated this year 2020 and is pursing a career in Culinary Arts. He loves to cook, a straight A student, works part-time and will be attending full-time classes at Traviss Technical College.

I created a recipe of 16 books in a binder for him to create and each week on Sunday, we work on 1 recipe. Here are some of his creations:

So Yummy!! They tasted really good!!

Thank you to my Blogging friend Pencils and Popcans for providing alot of the great recipes!! We will try the Coconut Chicken Curry soon🤗

My youngest daughter Briana, 17, is going into her last year of high school as an A student and playing softball. She works part-time. She has aspired to be a Marine Biolists since she was 10 years old and wants to attend Southeastern University next year.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for week 36!

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52 Week Blog Challenge-Week 35

A Day In My Life

My day to day life hasnt changed much since I retired. I like to sleep late and stay up late. The only time I get up early is when I have a doctors appt, which is only every 3 months.

I talked about how my life used to be and how it is now in my 31 day challenge: Timeline of my Day. Click here to read Blog Post

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52 Week Blog Challenge-Week 34

Meet My Pets🐾🐾🐾

In this blog post, you get to meet my pets!! I dont talk about them in posts but today I get to show them off. Having pets are just as hard as raising kids. They expect to be waited on hand in foot and want to be fed and walked and entertained constantly. I love all animals and wish I had a farm of them. They are my kids and I love them so much.❤

Okay, so here we go….

Meet our cats!🐈🐈

We have had them since they were kittens from a shelter. Bella was 6 months when we got her and is now 17 and is very vocal about what she wants. She still has fire in her and stays active when she can. Ginger was 2 years old and is now 13 years old. She is so sweet and is not as vocal like Bella. Instead, she uses her body and paws to rub up against the screen door to let us know she wants to go out. They are always within sight of each other and love being outdoors.

Meet our Dog!🐕

He is too cute!! We got him when he was 5 months old and he was so little. We rescued him from an organization called BratPac Rescue from a couple who bred a Bischon breed. Sage is a rat terrier mixed with Bischon, chihauhau and terrier. As shown above he is literally two different dogs. He is so sweet and loves to hop on his back legs and greet people. He loves car rides and the dog park. The only thing is, I think he likes the humans more than the dogs at the park..lol.

Meet my Fish!🐠🐟🐡

Ok, so I started getting into fish tanks at the end of June of this year. It was a way for me to ease my anxiety. I gave my oldest son the second tank for his room. I have the first tank in my bedroom. I love watching them interact and swim after each other. I have had some trial and error moments with fish getting sick and the tank not being stable but I think I have it down. We just recently lost one of the fairly oddfish parents when I found him behind the fish tank. I have no ideal why he jumped out but that same day I found him, another fish had passed away..I was really sad. I noticed that one of the two new female mollies turned male🤔 Found out that if they are late bloomers then they can turn male. It is a very expensive hobby. I recently had a fish called Miss Black and White Cookie, she ended up having fin rot and a parasite and didnt make it. I was sad because we bonded. On a happier note, we gained 5 new babies from preggo Miss Molly. After this post I found 2 more…for a total of 7.

I haven’t named them yet…waiting for them to get bigger.😁

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for week 35!!

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52 Week Blog Challenge

What’s In My Closet?

So….this blog post I have to talk about whats in my walk-in closet. I am so ashamed of my closet that I didnt even take a picture of it. It was so cluttered and just so disorganized. It was turning into the “Black Hole”


Everytime I turned around, me and my husband kept adding things to it that didnt belong. We had clothes, shoes, a treadmill, yoga ball, table and chair, empty gift boxes, empty TV and electronic boxes that are waiting for the warranty to expire, 4 compartment drawers for socks, underwear, shirts plus shorts, souvenirs from places I visited in a box, fish tank supplies, my giant bugs bunny I got in vegas…..

Sounds like a lot right? It was😣

Since the quarantine….I realized how much clutter we actually had and it started to work my nerves and cause anxiety. So I decided to do one project a day to get organize the house. I cleaned my closet a couple weeks ago.


You can come in now…

I am so proud of myself that now our closet has just our clothes, shoes, my husband satellite office-which is a table and chair to sit down, 4 compartment dresserts and my bugs bunny.

Well, thats it for my closet!! Remember, decluttering your life is good for your mental and emotional health. Take everyday and keep your brain active by finding something positive to keep it moving in the right direction. Have a great week!!

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