Driving with safety first…2 down 1 to go!!

  When your teens reach that age where it is time to let them mingle with the rest of the world, it can be a little scary for most parents😮....but for me...Nope.    I couldn't wait to get my teens out there experiencing the world but they have to be comfortable doing it on their … Continue reading Driving with safety first…2 down 1 to go!!

Recommended movie only for adults…..

....Saw this movie and it was hilarious..lol!! If you have seen the movie "What Women Want" and enjoyed it...you will love this one.  I am going to leave you with both trailers. Enjoy!! "What Men Want" 2018 starring Taraji Henson  https://youtu.be/HeoLiTirRp4 "What Women Want" 2000 starring Mel Gibson https://youtu.be/VFwHs7fEUNs 18 years between each movie and they are … Continue reading Recommended movie only for adults…..