52 Week Blog Challenge- Week 18

My Embarrassing Stories....... It took me along time to remember back when I had an embarrassing moment but I was able to pull it out. When you are embarrassed, you tend to block it out and with old age it gets harder to remember. My readers know that I am from Cleveland Ohio and we … Continue reading 52 Week Blog Challenge- Week 18

Black History Legends……Day 8

Moses Fleetwood Walker October 7, 1856-May 11, 1924 Pictured above: Moses is sitting grouped with his (minor league) Oberlin College Team in 1880's. Pictured above: Walker is posing with the (AA) Toledo Blue Stockings of 1884.  He joined the team on May 1, 1884 and played 42 games, averaged .263, scored 23 runs until he injured … Continue reading Black History Legends……Day 8