31 Day Challenge-Day 30

Food, Food, Food..... My favorite comfort food(s) are Chicken Wings in any way-fried, baked, boneless and with bone and .... Ice Cream of any kind....so so good. My favorite kind is Butter Pecan. That's all I got..I am hungry now!! Stayed tuned for tomorrow Day 31, which is the last day of my challenge!! Don't … Continue reading 31 Day Challenge-Day 30

Black History in the Making….Day 19

  "Style should not be sacrificed for comfort!" J.K.D Jazmine Kionna Davis Click above to visit her website    Jazmine K. Davis founder and first black scientist to create a designer high-heel shoe with insoles for comfort.  She, from a very young age,  was an orphan and attended Virginia Commonwealth University.  When she graduated, she … Continue reading Black History in the Making….Day 19