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  Related image  I have the honor of knowing one of the nominees for this amazing group of women. They are a worldwide group with inspiring, educated, posed and passionate group of women who help other women with dreams and goals for their business and life. My friend “Michiko Riezz” a beautiful women inside and out, has been a wonderful inspiration for me and has been one of reasons why I chose to start writing. She is a life and business coach who is passionate about women feeling good about themselves and what they do.  I would love to introduce to you a rising star….Michiko Riezz



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  “Michiko, the business coach, has always put her clients first.  She radiates a passion to help women from all the world to become very successful in not only just business but in life.  Michiko, the life coach, has recently made a commitment to make healthier lifestyle choices that are not only for herself but for her family whom she loves with every beat of her heart.  Michiko, as a friend, we met under the strangest of circumstances but formed a bond through a mutual belief that women are beautiful, empowering, and inspire each other when we all support each other.  She exudes the true meaning of her quote “The World look’s at you, Following your Lead! Show them who you are.” L.S. Image result for lafrieda smith


 How she has inspired me. This is why I think she deserves the(Global Inspirational Award)Image result for awards

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Money Matters…..with Laurie Goodman

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You’ve found me! The Queen of Finance the one and only! A Credit Repair & Finance Coach all in one!


Ready to Work from home call Laurie……she’s got an opportunity that can help you get started!!

img_86391[1]img_04621[1]   Mother With Baby Working In Office At Home

Credit Agent

.…..”The road less traveled is sometimes fraught with barricades , bumps and uncharted terrain.  But it is on that where your character is tested”.Related imageK.C.

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Travel Agent

                                            Peach Travel Pro
             Love to travel….call Laurie Goodman for an expert in planning your next adventure!!!
  Image result for fix your credit*Fix your credit and others while working from home and travel to wonderful places……doesn’t that sound awesome!! 
So what are you waiting for contact Laurie-The Queen of Finance.Related image
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Ladies with Luscious Lips….Pay close attention!!

  Okay, ladies we are going to talk about your lips….not on your face but down in the shadows which need love sometimes!! So ladies….introducing


NEW PRODUCT ALERT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#LipGloss is an oil blend that is to be used around and in the vaginal/anal/penis areas.
It has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, keeps Bacterial Vaginosis (BV), yeast and other fungal overgrowth at bay for women.
It also combats #VAGINALDRYNESS from menopause, medication, stress, etc and can be used as a lubricant for vaginal and anal sex. This product has no taste and therefore will not interfere with oral sex. Pregnant women MAY USE this product! #LGBTFriendly 🌈

How to use it:
Use a finger swirl amount with a clean finger swipe in/externally around vagina/penis and such. 😘

Essential Oil Blend:
Wild Yam, Coconut, Calendula, Olive,
Vitamin E & Grapeseed oils 🌿

How to purchase:
$25/1oz jar (should last for months)

#YoniPops Vaginal Detox Suppositories are what you need if you have: reoccurring yeast infections, unpleasant vaginal odor, loose vaginal walls & dryness during intimate moments. #YoniPops are handcrafted and formulated to restore an acid pH to your vagina, ultimately creating the perfect environmental free of yeast and bacterial vaginosis.

Click here to visit her website: Yoni Love

Kim SmithKimberly Smith
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* Different issues require multiple cleanses.
I don’t recommend more than 3 cleanses, there should be a 72-hour break in between each cleansing/detox cycle. Do not use these if you are pregnant or on your menstrual cycle.
No intercourse/oral sex during the entire 7-day detox cycle.

**This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

50676830_2323071904684207_2031175469767852032_nKimberly Smith- owner of Yoni Love
    Hey Yoni Love Tribe! Meet the woman behind the magic – our Founder and CEO, Kimberly Smith, better known as Kim Smith! I am a fun loving, true to myself Cancer, straight out of Hattiesburg, MS who is figuring out this entrepreneur life one day at a time! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Like many women, I struggled with chronic BV for years; dragging myself through countless doctor appointments and being prescribed the same expensive medications that didn’t really work. Enough was enough and I finally decided to take matters into her own hands, and reached out to a Herbalist (Bianca)and Yonipops were born! Seeing how well Yonipops actually worked, I came to the realization that I been called upon to do women’s work, leading me to start Yoni Love. Now my Herbalist is creating products that heal and maintain our wombs and vaginas so that women like myself won’t have to struggle to find relief.
 Yoni Love is a self-love journey, not just a product. From here on out, I am making it my mission to share my journey with you and give you tools and information so that we all can harness the power of our pussies and walk in our purpose!
If you’re down to go on this journey, drop a 🙋‍♀️ below!
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Kim SmithKim Smith

Spotlight for January 2019

   The start of the New Year has people setting alot of goals and having ambitions to make their businesses bigger and prosperous. I had the pleasure of meeting a gentleman months ago when I started my journey into entrepreneurship with online sales as my Marketing Consultant.  We have been friends for a very short time but he made me realize where my niche was and I am forever grateful for his help and wanted to share his story and business with you.
My Spotlight for January is Devion Ayers.

devionDevion Ayers

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Me: “What is your name?”
Devion: “My name is Devion Ayers, Sr.  I now have to make that distinction because my firstborn, junior, is 26 years of age.
Me: “Where are you from?”
Devion: “I was born and raised in Trenton, NJ, where I currently reside.”
Me: “What is the name of your business, and how did you get started?”
Devion: “The business I am currently building is Practical Marketing Solutions.  However, it is currently marketed and branded as”
Me: ” In 2018, what was the most difficult lesson you learned about working for yourself versus working for a company?”
Devion: “The most difficult lesson I learned in 2018 about being self-employed versus working for a company as an employee was in order to take time off and still maintain your income, there must be automation for processes to continue to service existing clients, and to continue to connect with new customers.”
Me: “Tell us about your new Facebook network group and what are your plans for it in 2019?”
Devion: “In 2019, I intend for this community to provide a place for business owners to connect, collaborate, and support each other without concern for people engaging in deceptive business practices.
  Although this task may become difficult as the community grows, this will be the community’s primary focus, and should shape this group to be the “go to” place on the Facebook platform for business owners to successfully increase their sales.

black businessBlack Business Networking Community

Me: “Share an end of the year success story in your business?”
Devion: “It was my goal to assist members of my community with their online marketing. I assisted 15 individuals in the last quarter of 2018 get a better understanding of how to properly market their products and services online for under $100.”
Me: “What do you plan to accomplish by the end of 2019 with your business?”
Devion: “My goal for 2019 is to educate 200 business owners on how to effectively market their products and services online and increase their sales through online training and courses.”
Me: “In your network group, you are known for marketing through live videos and offering support to business owners, do you plan on expanding on that by doing any speaking engagements or seminars?”
Devion: “As the Black Business Networking Community grows, it may make sense to implement live events in markets where there are a large number of members.”


Above video: IreeSky Fiction- Interview with Trisha Williams
Me: “What social links and business pages can our readers learn more about your company?”
Devion: “Interested individuals may learn more about how to make their first $100 online at You may also request membership on Facebook at the “Black Business Networking Community.“ There is no discrimination here. Just looking for individuals that either own or support black owned businesses.bbnc
Twitter –  @DevionAyers
Instagram – Devion_ayers
YouTube & email –

Special thanks to Devion for doing this interview for my blog. Subscribe and follow to read more about entrepreneurs and their journey.

Interview by: LaFrieda Smith

Guest speaker: Devion Ayers

Attention Sexy Ladies……

   Its almost Valentine’s💘day ladies!  I know you want to make your love say…DAMN! Guys, we know you love lingerie and what comes with it.👄 Check out one of my featured entrepreneurs Tracey Page and her website below

Samantha Paige Intimates



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Featured Entrepreneurs for December 2018

Nicole Obenshine


Nicole’s website is Miindful Mama
Right now I am looking for 5 Mamas that want to show up as the best version of themselves in 2019. Find confidence and self compassion. Learn Balance and Boundaries.
Learn more with this video:click link below
Nicole’s Facebook Group
Also local NJ I do Crown to Root Healing, a mix of Reiki, Oil & Crystal Therapy, and Acupressure.



Click link above to visit GOBEAUTIFULL.



GoBeautifull is for all women to come and be Beautiful inside and out. We have spa quality luxurious skin care that not only moisturizes and detoxify your skin, but also provides nutrients and hydration. We believe it is easier to Prevent than Repair when it comes to skin care. Our Hair, Skin and Nail Supplement provides to nutrients needed on the issue to help grow strong hair, glowing skin and healthy nails. The hair elixir is a blend of oils to protect hair from the harsh element, prevent split ends and stimulate your scalp for healthy hair growth
                               michelle roberts 2
Click link above for more information.
   Our mission is to help families in Georgia and the surrounding States to have the protection such as life insurance or health insurance they need ! Let us assist you!

Dr. Shells Books

Demetria Brown



Turning Your Dreams Into Reality
The Blueprint Events Co. specializes in creating Weddings, Social Engagements and Corporate Events. We provide a multitude of services ranging from Day-of to Full Service Event Coordination, and everything in between.
Demetria Brown is the owner and Creative Director of The Blueprint Events Co. and host of The Blueprint Radio on #MyRadioChicago starting January 17th, 2019 at 6pm CST!
  Her innate ability for organization and attention to detail ensures the production of a flawless event that you and your guests are sure to enjoy! Their is no task too small and no vision is too grand to execute for her client’s. She enjoys using her creativity and resourcefulness to think outside the box and bring an event that will be memorable!
With her radio show she will be bringing on the movers and shakers of the Chicagoland area to introduce themselves and discuss topics relevant to our community. Demetria, hosts #NetworkingNights weekly and her goal is to connect like-minded professionals to create more positive business relationships!


To Listen to The Blueprint Radio Live Download The @SupportDistrictRadio App or click link
Support District Radio
Click @MyRadioChicago
& Enjoy! Call in 708-653-0437
A BDS Licensed Station…
Support District Radio Network 
                                 blueprint 4
                                            Demetria Brown
Founder and Creative Director
of The Blueprint Events Co. LLC.
Facebook for The Blueprint Events Co.
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Instagram for The Blueprint Events Co.

Jonelle Scott


                 Licensed Mobile Hairstylist located in Kissimmee, Orlando, Poinciana and Davenport.
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Nicole Lake Watson



blessed 5

   I am Nicole Watson, your Jewelry Advisor and CEO of Blessed2inspire. I am passionate about attending to your accessory needs because I understand your and every other woman’s need to feel amazing, even on your worse days. That’s where I come in. My accessories aren’t just affordable but have the power to change how you see yourself. Imagine seeing a more beautiful and confident version of the beauty you already are. It doesn’t matter your age, race, measurements or financial standing because you deserve to walk into a room feeling glamorous and even to have all eyes on you. Let my accessories speak for you while you sparkle. I look forward to working for you.  Click link above for
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                                Finance Success Coach and Credit Repair Consultant

Credit A Million

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Fab Divas Club!!

Rachel Reed-

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Spotlight for December 2018

   My Spotlight for December is a very determined entrepreneur who motivates others through their business and has been a great friend and motivator for me in these last couple of months. She is on a mission to make every woman entrepreneur see success behind every failure and reach every single goal in life. I would love for you to meet Lauren Najar.


Lauren Najar-Coaching
Click link above to follow L. Najar on her coaching website.
Me: “What is your name?”
Lauren: “I am Lauren Najar”
Me: “Where are you from originally?”
Lauren: “I am from Dyer IN.”
Me: “What is your profession and business and how did you get started?”
Lauren: “I am a business coach for new women entrepreneurs. I got started always trying to start my own businesses periodically and finding what full-filled me the most.”
Me: “What is your greatest accomplishment this year?”
Lauren: “I sold out my 1:1 coaching program within 3 months of business”
Me: “What very important lesson have you learned through your journey in helping others?”
Lauren: “Patience and being methodical!!”
Me: “Have you traveled and done any speaking engagements to promote your business?”
Lauren: “I have not but would love too! It is one of my dreams and goals!”
Me: “What is your favorite quote that you live by?”
Lauren: “I am enough.”


Lauren Najar-Instagram
Follow her instagram click link above.
Me: “Will you be expanding your business beyond coaching?”
Lauren: “I will be coaching for now with 1:1 expanding into courses and getting group programs in 2019!”
Me: “What social media links can our readers follow you on?”
My website is


Lauren Najar- Facebook
Follow L. Najar via Facebook-click link above.
Special thanks to Lauren for being interviewed for my Spotlight for December 2018
Interview by: LaFrieda Smith
Guest: Lauren Najar





Spotlight for November 2018

   For the month of November, I am doing my first interview with an entrepreneur I had the pleasure of meeting recently lady from Missouri, who is not only a mom and wife but is a great role model for young women who want to build a multi-million dollar empire.

My entrepreneur spotlight for November 2018 is Latasha Lewis.

received_696079257445241[1]Latasha Lewis

                                                                                                ^Follow Many Skirts via Facebook click link above for Latasha Lewis
  I had the pleasure of interviewing Latasha for this spotlight and wanted other entrepreneurs to be inspired by her also.
November 27, 2018
Me:             “What is your name?”
Latasha:    “Latasha Lewis.”
Me:             “What do you prefer to be called?”
Latasha:   “Tasha.”
Me:             “What is your educational background?”
Latasha:   “I have two Bachelors degrees and Multiple Certifications:  My Bachelor is in Advertising with an emphasis on Graphic Design and Business Administration with emphasis on Project Management.  My Certifications include: Google, Agile Project Management, Fowler Life Coaching and many more.”
Me:             “What started you on the path of becoming an entrepreneur?”
Latasha:    “Initially, I wanted to develop a business that my family and I could do and have fun at the same time, but as time went on I learned that my family did not support the vision.  As time went on the Lord blessed me to accept the things I could not change and go at it on my own.”
Me:             “What kind of business(s) do you own and what is your mission?”
Latasha:    “I own Many Skirts Life Coaching, it is an agency with a mission to help women entrepreneurs and leaders relate to their body, their soul, and spirit by providing them solutions they need to meet their beauty, emotional, financial, health and relationship goals.  We have been managing projects in the Kansas City area for over 7 years but fully launch in April 2019.”


Me:               “What are your passions or goals in life and where do you see yourself in 5 years?”
Latasha:      “My goal in life to be proof that God can move mountains. I want women to know that they can build empires if they keep going no matter what they see in front of them.  It doesn’t matter where they are from, if they want it, go for it.  Don’t let themselves or others count them out.”
                        “I see myself very busy in five years…..
  1. “I see myself being a mature women of God!”
  2. “I see myself being a nurturing wife!”
  3. “I see myself being a role model/mentor for my 17 year old daughter and the members.”
  4. “I see Many Skirts being a popular-innovative life coaching agency.”
  5. “I personally will have a multi-million dollar investment portfolio.”
Me:                  “What social networks and links do you have for our readers to follow you in your future success?
Latasha:        “Facebook Page:                                                                and Instagram @many_skirts.”
Me:                  “What is something you would tell your followers about becoming an entrepreneur?”
Latasha:        “Brand is important and don’t be afraid to make mistakes, just keep going.”
     I want to thank Latasha for doing this interview with me.  I am always inspired from those who work from the bottom up and see themselves achieving everything they set out to do no matter what seems impossible to others.
Interview by: LaFrieda Smith
Guest: Latasha Lewis
                 ^Follow Many Skirts via Instagram click link above for Latasha Lewis