A New Look!!

Ok, so, I am a women in my 40s and I am looking for a style and color for my hair. Well, guess what, what better way to say "Look at me" then to go drastic right...lol. This is what I did.....I went from extensions... To this.....short bob cut I even tried to go back … Continue reading A New Look!!

Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful….with Nedra

  Renedra G. Barksdale Owner & Master Stylist of Rare Touch Hair Palace Rare Touch Hair Palace specializes in all types of styling techniques such as:  Sew-Ins, Protective Styles, Colors, Cuts, Chemical Treatments and for those who want on the go access, check out her specialized wig styles!! Other services provided by Rare Touch Hair Palace are … Continue reading Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful….with Nedra