My Baby is turning Sweet 16…blow out the candles, baby, love mom

20190617_214322[1]July 18, 2003  (Princess was born)

Happy Sweet 16th to my beautiful daughter Briana, who is we are so proud!! You are so talented and watching you grow into such an intelligent young woman has been so exciting!! We love you so much and hope that this day will be filled with many blessing and happy memories for you.  In taking a look back at your life, at your cutest

Baby and little Bree….


The working hard Bree…


Love with her family Bree…


Creating memories Bree…


Teen Bree….


photo_(17)[1] Isn’t She LovelyP4_1557919910722[1]

Happy Sweet 16th Birthday!!


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Happy Birthday to me!!🎉


Its New Years Eve🎆 and its My 41st Birthday 🎉and I am feeling so good!! My love and I are going to dinner🍝 and late, late night pool🎱music🎶 and drinks!!🍸 Everyone stay safe this evening and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!🎆Lafrieda Smith❤


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Thank you to all my readers…and Happy New Year🎆