52 Week Blog Challenge-Week 38

My Biggest Celebrity Crush So I did this topic in my 31 Day Challenge and if you would like to read my blog post click here:Celebrity Crush I decided to take a different approach to this blog post and I thought about changing this to.... A Celebrity I Admire The celebrity I admire has been … Continue reading 52 Week Blog Challenge-Week 38

Recommended movie….this month 2019

  My family and I saw this and we loved it!! If you have not seen 1-3 yet...you will love these characters.  From the beginning, these characters have been going on wonderful adventures together and have made us laugh for decades now.  They created Toy Story 4 after waiting 9 years.  Here is the trailer. https://youtu.be/wmiIUN-7qhEContinue reading Recommended movie….this month 2019

Black History Legends….Day 21

"I'd rather make 700$ a week playing a maid, then 7$ a week being a maid." Hattie D. Hattie McDaniel  (June 10, 1895- October 26, 1952) Pictured above: Hattie McDaniel well-known as being the fist African-American to win an Academy Award/Oscar for her role in "Gone With The Wind" alongside side her co-stars Vivian Leigh and … Continue reading Black History Legends….Day 21

Black History Legends….Day 15

Marsai Martin ( August 14, 2004- American actress, singer and executive producer at 14 years old Pictured above: Marsai Martin gracing the red carpet at the Screen Actor's Guild Awards.   Pictured above: Her family on television from the T.V. comedy Black-ish, where she is one of the youngest children with Mom played by Traci Ellis … Continue reading Black History Legends….Day 15