Beautiful Flowers

Beautiful Flowers Women Empowerment, we are stronger together. We straighten each other’s crowns and lift each other up. Beautiful Flowers is a story about a woman who followed her dreams and passions. She became instrumental in making a difference in her community while wearing her crown and suit of armor as a phenomenal woman. IContinue reading “Beautiful Flowers”

Big Announcement!!

📣Big Announcement!!! 📣 I didn’t want to tell anyone until it was official but I got accepted to 🦅 Keiser University and started classes last week!! I am returning to school to pursue my Bachelors of Science in Marketing and Communications!! I already hold an Associates in Business from UOPX so I was able toContinue reading “Big Announcement!!”

MamaTherapy- Day 31

💥💥💥💥NEW BOOK ALERT 💥💥💥💥 Day 31: Impress Sweep yourself off your feet. Who ever said that we had to show off to others? Who said that we have to impress people with our good deeds? Who is saying that how much you changed after childbirth or during your midlife as a woman, you had toContinue reading “MamaTherapy- Day 31”

MamaTherapy- Day 30

💥💥💥💥NEW BOOK ALERT 💥💥💥💥💥 Day 30: Believe All the things you are trained for, gives you life. Believing in my ability is priceless. Believing in the strength that my talents are noticed by those who are inspired. I believe I can do anything I set my mind to it. I also believe the world 🌍Continue reading “MamaTherapy- Day 30”

MamaTherapy- Day 29

💥💥💥💥NEW BOOK ALERT💥💥💥💥 Day 29: Purpose You are needed, wanted and cherished. You are needed, wanted and cherished!! You may not believe it or have it said to you on a regular basis but you are special. ❤️Everyone around you depends on you to just be you. Don’t ever change who you are with theContinue reading “MamaTherapy- Day 29”

Mamatherapy -Day 28

💥💥💥💥New Book Alert💥💥💥💥 Day 28: Acceptance Routine is all we have sometimes Although we know that doing too much leads to exhaustion and we shouldn’t do it; we do it anyway. “Why do we torture ourselves?” Life is not this hard, right. We are used to taking care of ourselves and others so it isContinue reading “Mamatherapy -Day 28”

MamaTherapy-Day 27

💥💥💥💥NEW BOOK RELEASED!!!💥💥💥💥 Day 27: Grey Skies Love Yourself through the change. Everyday is going to be different no matter how hard we try to put a routine on it. We will always wake up to changes that affect us either good or bad. Woman are known as emotional creatures; which really makes us moreContinue reading “MamaTherapy-Day 27”

MamaTherapy-Day 26

💥💥💥💥NEW BOOK ALERT💥💥💥💥 Day 26: Drink Anyone? Grab that drink, darling My drink of choice, Life. I know that you thought I would talk about alcohol;🍸 that is a great drink and all but my thirst can’t be quenched with just that. Demand the need for more in your life. Dont settle for what isContinue reading “MamaTherapy-Day 26”

MamaTherapy- Day 25

💥💥💥💥 NEW BOOK RELEASED TODAY!!!!!💥💥💥💥 Day 25: Better Days Know that they just get older, thats it. As I look forward to not only today, which is my second book release and this week with my daughters graduation; I realize that I am getting older but life is still moving forward. My daughter graduates tomorrowContinue reading “MamaTherapy- Day 25”

MamaTherapy – Day 24

Day 24: Hidden Treasures Let some things stay Lost We all are guilty of this from time to time of bringing up our past to justify our present decisions. I know it is human nature for us but we must stop this cycle. The actions we take today may have some relevance to what weContinue reading “MamaTherapy – Day 24”


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