31 Day Challenge-Day 16

  Dream job....hmmm... Helping people with their problems...I know it sounds like a big headache but for me it sounds fun and you get paid for it. Welcome to the World of Psychology: Definition: The study of behaviors and mental processes in living things that inhabit the world and how they adapt to their environment. … Continue reading 31 Day Challenge-Day 16

Speaking the Truth……. with Leila

About the author: She has a Bachelor's degree in Sociology and Psychology.  She is an Entrepreneur, a Speaking engagement coordinator, a Personal Style Integrator and owns a boutique in Kenya, Africa. Leila Akinyi Reader, adventurous, life's student, loves real talk, dream-chaser, passionate about life. Are Women Really Empowered?   "Women empowerment has indeed done a marvelous job … Continue reading Speaking the Truth……. with Leila