52 Week Blog Challenge-Week 42

My Favorite Tv Shows 1. Inspirational television- I watch Joyce Meyer Monday-Friday to keep me motivated and inspired throughout my week. 2. I enjoy watching for fun House Hunters. Whether I am in a house hunt or not, it is cool to see so many families and couples finding a vacation or their forever home. … Continue reading 52 Week Blog Challenge-Week 42

What has happened to communication…it is not getting better

  What has happened to communication these days.....we go from this to this Landlines at home and you have a answering machine...to beepers to cell phones on the go that have to stay charged and near you at all times...  to this  Simplified word and game processing to worrying about viruses on your operating system from … Continue reading What has happened to communication…it is not getting better

Black History Legends…..Day 17

Dr. Joseph N. Jackson (December 25, 1913-July 29, 2009) 95 years old U.S. Army Retired Non-Commission Officer and inventor of "The Wireless Clicker" Pictured above: The next time you are watching television, remember this guy, he made the television more enjoyable.  He invented the remote control. He holds 6 patents in the area of telecommunications and … Continue reading Black History Legends…..Day 17