The Heart of a Dancer..A Queen Remembered

Good morning ladies and gentleman, as October comes to a close for the month, we remember those who have fought for their lives and are still fighting to this day to find a cure for a disease that comes in many forms. This month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and our job is to be … Continue reading The Heart of a Dancer..A Queen Remembered

Speaking the Truth……. with Leila

About the author: She has a Bachelor's degree in Sociology and Psychology.  She is an Entrepreneur, a Speaking engagement coordinator, a Personal Style Integrator and owns a boutique in Kenya, Africa. Leila Akinyi Reader, adventurous, life's student, loves real talk, dream-chaser, passionate about life. Are Women Really Empowered?   "Women empowerment has indeed done a marvelous job … Continue reading Speaking the Truth……. with Leila

Getting down to business…Empower You!

Join the Dynamic Women Network  for a night of elegance and social engaging with great food and conversation at the The Conyers Event Center on April 28th 2019 between 4-6pm.  Contact Lorraine for more details by phone or email. Special Guest Speaker:  Jamelle McKenzie (Author and Pastor) Lorraine Bradshaw- Dynamic Women Network click above to contact Lorraine by email or … Continue reading Getting down to business…Empower You!

Black History Month…..Day 6

Congratulations to all 19 of our first African-American women judges!! Pictured above: 19 beautiful black educated women who won all 19 judicial seats in Harris County, Texas which is the third-largest county in the United States. Pictured above: While making history in Texas, these 19 African-American women made U.S. History in 2018. Pictured above: A time in … Continue reading Black History Month…..Day 6

And the winner is…..Its back for 2019!!

    I have the honor of knowing one of the nominees for this amazing group of women. They are a worldwide group with inspiring, educated, posed and passionate group of women who help other women with dreams and goals for their business and life. My friend "Michiko Riezz" a beautiful women inside and out, … Continue reading And the winner is…..Its back for 2019!!

Ladies with Luscious Lips….Pay close attention!!

  Okay, ladies we are going to talk about your lips....not on your face but down in the shadows which need love sometimes!! So ladies....introducing NEW PRODUCT ALERT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #LipGloss is an oil blend that is to be used around and in the vaginal/anal/penis areas. It has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, keeps Bacterial Vaginosis (BV), … Continue reading Ladies with Luscious Lips….Pay close attention!!