Book Review #1:Rachel Hollis

Hey hey guys, I am doing something a little bit different these coming months where I am going to introduce you to my world of reading. Now, I will admit, I have not read a book all the way through since 50 Shades of Grey Part 1 came out but I have always wanted to read interesting works by other writers. The book I am going to review this month is a book written by a great women who loves to help other women get out of their way and see what the potential that they already have. Growing from tragedy and being able to be successful in life with some bumps along the way is real-life for her and she wants you to know-ITs Normal! Introducing a lady I highly respect for her courage and empowerment of other: Rachel Hollis

I read this book from cover to cover and was amazed at the similiarities we have. I thought I was the only one thinking and going through it. For those of you who do not know who Rachel Hollis is, she is a Mom of 3 boys and a 1 girl, wife to Dave Hollis and founder of a lifestyle website and Ceo of her own Media company. She has alot of followers online via instagram, facebook, youtube etc. She is a woman who likes to tell it like it is, she encourages, enlightens and works to help others acheive the same sense of confidence she exudes throughout everything she does with the help of God.

I am going to review this book in 4 parts:

  • Why did I pick this book to read?
  • What part of the book, really hit home for me: (ex. made me cry or have a aha moment)?
  • What is one thing I took away from the book that I will change in my life?
  • How would I rate this book out of 5 stars?

Rachel Hollis: Girl, Wash Your Face

  • I picked this book because it came highly recommended online. I was curious as to what washing my face meant so I said this might be a great book just by the title, so I bought it. I never realized when I opened it, I would never be able to put it down. It spoke to me so well. Everything, well almost everything, was so similiar to my life I couldn’t believe that this nice young lady had gone through all that and still managed to be a great women waking up everyday helping people with her wisdom and lending a helping hand.
  • A part in the book that really hit home for me was Chapter 15: I Will Never Get Past This- when she talked about her family. Not being as close as she wanted to be after the tragedy just trying to salvage what was left of her relationships and picking up the peices and moving forward in church and counseling, which is always the best medicine. I cried through the whole chapter.
  • One thing she stressed so much in her book about is being happy with who you are. It doesnt matter what you didnt accomplish or who hurt you in your past, you are responsible for your own happiness. Never let others believe you are never good enough to try new things or pick up where you left off with years ago. Always try to be you and be happy for you not anyone else. I realized that in trying to make others happy all at once, I have made myself unhappy. I have decided to run away from toxic or negative things and let others be unhappy by themselves and take care of me first. Be there after I am taken care of then console others.
  • 5- star rating from me for original content, very personable and uplifting!

Looking forward to reading her other book:

Girl, Stop Apoligizing

Ordered my copy from Barnes and Nobles today and will start reading after my 2nd book which is from a new first time author who writes about how the word of God influences your life processes everyday. Click link below to purchase Marcus Myrick’s

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Black History Legends…Day 1

     This month is Black History Month and I wanted to learn more about my heritage so I decided to not only educate myself but to give others information on the African-American History that can be very intriguing.   I am interested in all American History and I hope you enjoy the material that I write about. My first look at African-American History deals in the field I love which is writing….
The First African-American Poet

Paul Laurence Dunbar  (June 27, 1872-February 6, 1906)


paul 10

    Paul Laurence Dunbar was born in Dayton, Ohio.  He wanted to pursue law but with his mother in financial hardship, he decided to take on a job as an elevator operator with a salary of $4.00 a week.  He was able to work on his passion which was writing and he is known as the poet who gained National attention and popularity for his works.  During his writing years between 1898-1905, he married Alice Ruth Moore, a teacher and poet who was instrumental in helping him with his writing and reading along with his mother. Some of his poems include:
                                                 paul 3
along with first works were… Lyrics of Lowly Life, Oak and Ivy Majors and Minors, Lyrics of the Hearthside and The Strength of Gideon.


Pictured above: The Paul Laurence Dunbar House Historic Site located in Dayton, Ohio(DAHNHP)
Pictured above:  Paul Dunbar was honored proudly by the community with a monument of his likeness, a middle and high school named after him and a postage stamp of 1975.
Pictured Above:  These are collections where you can find his poems and novels he wrote during his active years.
Pictured above: (Woodland Cemetery in Dayton Ohio)-Paul passed away in 1906 from Tuberculosis and his younger sister Elizabeth lay next to him after dying of malnutrition in 1876.

paul 8alice 1

Pictured above : One of Paul Dunbar’s poems and a The Diary of  the late Alice Dunbar-Nelson.

paul 13220px-alice_dunbar-nelsonpauls mom

Pictured above: Paul Dunbar, Alice Dunbar-Nelson(widow) and Paul’s mom Matilda Dunbar

An example of different dialect from one of Paul’s greatest works-

“A Warm Day In Winter”

“Sunshine on de medders,
Greenness on de way;
Dat’s de blessed reason
I sing all de day.”
Look hyeah! What you axing?
What meks me so merry
‘Spect to see me sighin’
W’en hit’s wa’m in Febawary?

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